Gasholder Bases


Our proposal considered the potential reuse of the gasholder sites for commercial purposes and so far as possible using the gasholder bases in their current state.

We were intrigued by a patent application for water based storage and distribution technology and felt the gasholder bases would be uniquely suited for an application of these ideas. The existing characteristics of the bases (watertight, large volumes, proximity to infrastructure and populations) would play well with their repurposing as a distribution centre utilising advanced technologies.

The water filled bases would be enclosed by shed structures resting on pontoons to avoid digging new foundations. The sheds would be fitted out with sorting and retrieval facilities and have drone launch pads at an upper level.

The external appearance of the sheds would be unabashedly industrial in character having simple cylindrical forms and utilising a typical industrial frame structure. The use of lighting and translucent panels would have been explored to lend the forms an ethereal quality.