Making Places

We proposed a small number of low-impact, medium-term interventions in an open call for ideas to improve public spaces around Waltham Forest.

Two of the proposals used animal forms and colour to enhance the quality of the space with the other two proposals defining an area for further activity and interventions.

The first of the ‘animal’ proposals was to create giraffe-like structures housing lighttubes to bring natural daylight into a picnic area shaded by trees. The second was to introduce a forest-walk backdrop to a neglected alleyway with mirrror-finish bird silhouettes mitigating blind corners and referencing the nearby wetlands.

The first ‘spatial definition’ proposal would have seen the installation of a network of cables above an open space on a busy junction. The cables would have provided an open lid to the space and allowed use of the space for market trading to be unimpeded.

The second ‘spatial definition’ proposal was for an external stage in a park for a theatre group with a ring section for small recitals and a disc section as the main stage. During normal hours the stage could be used as general park furniture. A nearby shed structure would have been used to store supports for backdrops and deckchair seating.