The practice offers architectural services to domestic, commercial or institutional clients and community groups.

We do not operate in a particular sector and are happy to take on non-standard projects.

Our approach to design is based on recognising the specific opportunities and constraints of each project.

We consider an environmentally sustainable approach to design to be fundamentally important.

The practice does not have a fixed design style. We aim for simplicity of form and the incorporation of natural materials. We like to include spatial features and decoration that emphasise architecture as an experience.


We offer advisory architectural consultations as a stand alone service or to understand client needs before committing to a longer term contract.

Consultations are project specific and the scope will vary depending on the client’s requirements and understanding of the design process.

We may also be able to use our professional experience to spot overlooked opportunities or risks, allowing the client to reappraise the proposed work.

Task based work:

We can provide simple task based architectural services on a time charge basis.